Product Description

Fully high precision laser sheet metal cutting technology
Electrostatic adsorption technology
Customized button cap=multi-layer composite fuel injection technology,super anti-wear, anti-light leakage
Professional mechanical buttons
Imported encoder, CNC high precision CNC machining, anodizing technology aluminum encoder cap
Hydraulic screen angle adjustment support structure
Lightweight small size design { 875*680* (high 130 low 80)mm}
Core component PCB full board immersion gold process
Industrial-grade accessories, strict material selection ensuring maximum stability
Fine assembly process, 24-hour uninterrupted aging baking machine inspection
Simulated vibration test, 2-hour uninterrupted multi-frequency vibration check
Electrical parameters
Wide voltage, energy saving and low power consumption design AC165-264V. Power 150W
Built-in UPS uninterruptible power supply,0 delay automatic switching,undervoltage, overvoltage protection
Panasonic UPS dedicated high-density maintenance-free battery
Industrial grade integrated motherboard
Multi-screen control graphics
128GB solid state drive
8g memory i7 cpu
Control settings
1 master dimming wheel
4 attribute coding wheels(integrated button function)
1 master push rod(60mm manual)
2 AB putters(100mm manual)
21 program playback faders(60mm manual)
42 program storage function keys
Two 19-inch widescreen touch screens
Full specification command keypad
Air box attached keyboard and mouse
4 USB ports( Type A)
1 spare USB input interface (type B)
1 audio input interface
1 stereo output interface
1 LTC input interface
6 DMX-512 output interfaces
1 DMX-512 input interface( composite output function)
2 work light interface
1 Gigabit network interface
1 MIDI input interface

REXFOS Pumps is an international pump company which is manufacture in China. REXFOS is technology driven and market-oriented. We offer products for water treatment, pulp & paper, power, chemical, oil & gas and general industries. Since 1986.

Dc Stock Pump Program

At REXFOS we have a wide range of on-stock norm pumps (e.g. water treatment pumps). This makes it possible to deliver standard norm pumps against very competitive prices in less than 5 days. Ask for more information.

Standard Product Lines

REXFOS has a wide range of standard pump design solutions ready for reproduction at costumer specifications. Some are suitable to drop in by replacing KSB, Andritz, Sulzer Pumps. These vary from end-suction, double -suction, vertical-sump, split-case and multi-stage pumps to a range of API products. Ask for more information.

Engineered Products

REXFOS’s in-house hydraulic specialists are able to engineer custom-made pump solutions for your application. It applies same program of Flowserve CTG technology. A group of experienced engineers likes to tell you more about the possibilities. Ask for more information.

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